Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Company

Saro Transcontinental will relieve you of the stress of customs clearance and freight forwarding for Nigeria-bound shipments; we are present in all major air and sea ports within Nigeria. Being the top-rated clearing and forwarding agent in Lagos, we have maintained strategic partners from North America, Europe and Asia, which gives us the capacity to handle end-to-end shipments. We employ a qualified clearing agent in Lagos to process shipments through customs, assuring our customers’ speedy clearance of shipments at any port.


We are committed to providing for your transportation needs. With a private fleet made available to you at an affordable rate, our clearing and forwarding agent in Lagos take care of the movement of your consignments from pickup to the final destination, assuring adequate security.

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We improve your inventory management through our innovative warehouse system. We offer 24- hours surveillance over all goods. We are located near seaports and airports for immediate transportation, storage, and distribution of goods.

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